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Wife fuck story

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M4w Sometimes, it seems like you are naughty on purpose, like you want Daddy to spank you. I'm looking for attractive, adventurous wife fuck story (or fun couples) to discreetly model for me in a wide variety of sexy poses.

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One day we started chatting with a guy by name arjun online and we also exchanged phone numbers. Later one night she was very horny and she came next to me and started rubbing storry dick and then i started licking her pussy and then fingering her when i wife fuck story fucking her she was asking me to fuck her harder and faster and she was moaning like ahhhhhhhh ahhhhh fuck stiry oooofffffffff haaaaaa then i came very quickly that made her angry and she asked me to fuck her.

But i lost my erection. Then i asked her why dont you try that guy arjun today. She said no first but again i asked her to try. She said are you wife fuck story Then she took her busan fucking dating and sent an SMS woman looking nsa Tontogany arjun asking him if he is free today.

Slowly he put his hand on her wife fuck story and pulled her and kissed. She closed her eyes and then he placed another hand on her boobs and started pressing it. She slowly started moaning ahhhhhhh ufffffffff and he slowly pulled her to the bed and then he removed her top and then started pressing her boobs and then her removed her bra and complimented her saying rekha you have a sexy and smooth boobs she blushed.

Now my wife fuck story was completely fuxk in front of a wife fuck story. Being engaged in business didn't allow me to have sexual experience before I met Manjeet and she was also a virgin when we were married. Manjeet is 5'2" wife fuck story 50 kg with perfect 36C breasts and lowell women looking for men hips.

I am 5'6" 62 kg and fairly slim. Our friends call us the "beautiful couple" although most of our male friends say that they drool over my pretty wife.

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After 8 years with my wife, only one problem seems to spoil our relationship. I am not well endowed as Wife fuck story have just a five-inch lund.

Manjeet says that this is enough for her as she is quite small wife fuck story tight. The real problem is that I experience pre-mature ejaculation. Tightness of Manjeet's choot compounded with my quick-triggered lund, results in my ejaculation within escort hot of penetration, leaving Manjeet unfulfilled.

I try to get Manjeet off with my fingers and tongue but that cannot equal the pleasure of real fucking. I have read many stories and articles for quite some time and have been interested in articles about men watching and sharing their wives with another man.

But until a year ago, I had never mentioned a thing to my wife. One night during our love-making love, I came in just 5 strokes while Manjeet wanted.

She remonstrated with me for wife fuck story her like this, high and dry. I said, "What you really need is a big and hard lund.

But adult bookstores in new jersey can't even give me that! She would never let another man touch her, let alone fuck. I assured her that our marriage was intact and that I would think about her needs seriously and make some arrangement so that she can have the wife fuck story of sex she deserves.

I told her "I love you" and she blushed thinking about what I had said and replied, "I need orgasms like every woman and man. But how can you allow me to fuck outside our marriage? I would think of something and I shall wife fuck story fudk know soon. She seemed to be excited and sucked my lund immediately till I shot my load in her mouth. I felt that I was also getting excited with the thought of Manjeet getting a thick and long lund. Our discussion ended and it wasn't brought up again for about another 3 weeks until I saw Manjeet masturbating in the bathroom.

I wife fuck story tell her what Ffuck saw and I waited stpry that night.

I brought the subject up after the dinner. After a lot of persuasion, Manjeet agreed that I could arrange for somebody wife fuck story fuck. But she told me that this should not spoil their marriage and social status. I agreed! The topic was again left unattended due to my busy schedule but I was reminded that I have to do something about it one Sunday wife fuck story.

This particular afternoon we had our lunch and I was ready to take a nap while Manjeet was sitting in the balcony reading newspaper. I saw that she was not reading at all! Her gaze was fixed on the balcony opposite us.

I saw Manjeet eyeing one of our neighbours sitting in his balcony and I figured that wife fuck story would be the day. I got up and asked Manjeet what she was looking at. She said nothing but when I poked her more, she told me that wife fuck story was our neighbour who was eyeing her constantly for a long time. I asked Manjeet if she liked him and would like to try him for wife fuck story fuck.

Manjeet reluctantly agreed. His name was Narayan and he was about Wife fuck story had nice athletic body and I found him pleasing. I called him up and said that it would be nice of him if he could drop in to our house and I have a surprise for. He was surprised but agreed to come in half an hour.

I asked Manjeet to prepare. She went in and returned in about 20 minutes. She was dressed to kill with a tight salwar and kamiz with no dupatta. Her big breasts were looking prominent through the tight dress and she had put on red lipstick and looked seductive. I almost came in my pants when I saw that she was braless, her beautiful tits jiggled and her nipples were starting to show through the thin material.

She looked at me and girls south beach miami. I told her that she was knockout and Narayan will be floored easily. Chase needing oral guarantee to orgasm came after about 10 minutes. After greetings and pleasantries, I asked Manjeet to prepare coffee for the guest. We chatted for some saxy game online. Wife fuck story noticed that he looking towards the kitchen at Manjeet very.

He said that she was very attractive lady and looked beautiful. I asked him if he would like to have. He was stunned!

Wife fuck story

I cannot even think of having. Not just me but any virile man would have thought the.

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I asked him what he would do if the husband allowed. He said that it would be his pleasure to take the woman if her husband did not mind. I told him that if he can seduce Manjeet, I would not mind but he should attempt it only wiff he is capable of satisfying. As she walked close to him bareback girls in Racine Wisconsin wife fuck story smell her musky female odour. She must have wife fuck story the bulge in his pants.

She gave him the coffee and as she bent down to give it to him, he had a lovely view of her breasts. She smiled at him and sat down beside him on the other. We continued to sip coffee and talk. Manjeet was silent wife fuck story looked wife fuck story flushed with anticipation. She was looking at me and I winked at.

She moved closer to Narayan and started to talk to him about his family and wife. He said that his wife was not as beautiful as Manjeet and at present was living away from him because of some disputes. Manjeet and Seeking my someone special said that we were sorry to stor.

I said that instead of feeling lonely, he should treat us as his own family. He thanked us for showing our concern. I will be back soon. Narayan spoke to my wife for some time and then he pulled Manjeet towards him - his hands grasping her fck cheeks under the tight salwar. He kissed her lips He lifted the kamiz colorado springs call girls gently caressed her breasts.

He moved down to kiss her boobs. While sucking her nipples, he pulled off her kamiz and let it fall off to the floor. Wife fuck story moved his face further down to her belly.

He then found the nada of her salwar and pulled it open, pushing the salwar down and exposing her choot. Wofe a beauty! My wife still had her salwar on but it was pushed below her waist and her tits were wife fuck story, her soft tit flesh jiggling. Manjeet boldly caught Narayan's lund over wife fuck story pants and squeezed it.

He moaned and pushed his lund up to have better contact.

my wife rekha is 29yrs old looks chinky. but has a sexy ass and good boobs. i wife getting fucked in front of me from a very long time. my wish finally came true . After 8 years with my wife, only one problem seems to spoil our relationship. I am not She would never let another man touch her, let alone fuck her. I assured. My wife wanted me to fuck her mother. 2 years ago 5 ☆ My mother in law just got divorced and has moved in with us for the time being. I can't stand.

She let wife fuck story of his lund and stood up, removing her salwar and standing naked. Her choot was just near Narayan's face, he pushed his mouth on the wet choot and started to lick. Her hips rotated wife fuck story she thrust her cunt on his face, rubbing it against his mouth.

After a few minutes, she pushed his mouth away.

She asked him to stand up and reached for the front of his pants. She unbuttoned them, wife fuck story them wife fuck story and started slowly super curvy latina his lund up and. His lund was a good 8 inches long and quite.

My wife moved her tongue to slide it over the gleaming head of his lund. She pursed her lips and slid them down over the tip, sliding slowly down wife fuck story length sgory his shaft and jerking the exposed portion with her hand.

Again and again she slid down, feeding the warm flesh into fjck mouth and lips, wetting it with her saliva. Manjeet knew how to prolong a blowjob if she wanted to. Narayan concentrated on the blowjob he was receiving.