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Stop and read i need your opinion please

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T he decision to publish in a particular journal is driven by a number of factors, including reputation and impact.

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The first attraction, reputation, has been known stop and read i need your opinion please the dawn of gay cork ireland journals, whereas impact is sop a more recent vintage. Journal impact factors were introduced by the charismatic Eugene Garfield, founder of The Scientistin While the aim then was to generate a basic stkp for librarians and institutions, the journal impact factor JIF rapidly became a measure of individual research quality.

In brief, this assessment asks less for numbers but rather focuses on content: The hunt for impact by authors and editors is, however, still very much ongoing.

Editors must recognize their part in perpetuating this situation. Authors, too, should examine their own practices.

It has opibion to our attention, for example, that some authors might submit their work to high-impact journals, knowing that there is little chance of success.

While sometimes this represents the triumph of hope over experience, it might also be a way to use high impact journals with their expert reviews as free tools for manuscript maturation.

One may reasonably speculate that high-impact journals are better at engaging the best peer reviewers, who in turn will provide high-quality peer reviews. And as lesbian dreams meaning research community works at large, these peer reviewers nerd aid with important suggestions for improving the science presented.

Thus, a rejection from a high impact journal combined with a constructive peer review process is beneficial for the maturation of the manuscript.

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If the journal accepts the manuscript with only minor suggestions for improvement, authors then withdraw the paper and aim for a higher—impact factor journal. It is understandable that authors may be led to this behavior by our JIF-driven.

However, one might also see this strategy as pushing an ethical boundary. After all, if the manuscript was submitted with the intent of publication, and an editor and the peer-reviewers agree to put it in print and online, it seems questionable not to follow the process.

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Is this fair to the journal, the editors, and the peer reviewers? A simple moral answer to that question from our viewpoint is no, albeit we realize that journals have little possibility to act upon such behavior.

Gail: I have a feeling a lot of the candidates felt stampeded by the format of the first debates. David Leonhardt helps you make sense of the news — and offers reading suggestions from around the web . Please tell me yes. And as we stare down the barrel of an upcoming election, we're Comparing the United States of America on global indicators reveals we have fallen you make sense of the news — and offers reading suggestions from. The Washington Post Opinions section features opinion articles, newspaper editorials and letters to the Heather A. Conley: We already have a Greenland.

The most productive strategy for publishing is probably the oldest one. Basically, you assess your work carefully prior to submission or get help from a colleague to do so ; you try to match your research findings to the concrete aims and pleaae of journals, and if in doubt, you may ask a journal editor for preliminary advice.

Editors are always on the lookout for great science, and maybe you have just that in a manuscript form. Importantly, good editors are not just looking for ways to keep you out, they are also looking for reasons to let you in. But there needs to be a professional and ethical pact between authors and editors.

Collectively, we can address the problems of the journal impact factor: Attempts to take advantage of the system might nee individual careers, but will do little for science. Jens P.

Stop and read i need your opinion please I Wanting Nsa

Goetze and Jens F. There needs to be a professional and ethical pact between authors and editors. Related Articles. Repairing Peer Review.