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    Lutherans take young adult education very seriously, and we ask our 7th- and 8th-grade students and their parents (yes, you heard me right!) to come every Thursday night during the school year to eat dinner together, read the Bible,  and discuss our faith.  With everything life seems to throw at us,  this is has been a special time for teens and their parents to enjoy learning and being together.  It not only brings families together to focus on their journey in faith, but it provides a special family time to create memories that last a lifetime. This is one of the best things we do at Wooden Cross, and we invite you to participate when your students reach the appropriate age.

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    At Wooden Cross youth can participate in both service and social events every month. Youth and their families and friends have served meals monthly at Tent City 4. Currently more of the whole congregation is joining in, serving hot dinners to people needing food and permanent housing. All of Wooden Cross fundraises for youth mission trips at an annual auction. Recent mission trips include--canoeing in pristine Lake Bowron, B.C.; meeting Concordia Lutheran Church youth in Penticton, B.C. and serving the homeless there; and building homes with Habitat for Humanity for a week in Toppenish, Washington. Youth play in the Wooden Cross Praise Band and Hand Bell Choir for worship services, festivals and benefit concerts. With two youth representatives on the planning committee, this ministry strives to be relevant. New ideas and approaches to Christ-centered youth ministry are always welcome. Please contact us through the church office at 425-788-3626 or on Facebook.

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