At Wooden Cross, God is Green !!
Here at Wooden Cross Lutheran Church we want to do our part in caring for all of God’s creation.  “The earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof.  The world and all that dwell in it!” proclaims Psalm 24:1.  God owns the earth…it is only on loan to us.  We are to be its caretakers or stewards according to the Bible.

Wildlife Habitat Certification PDF Print

Bat_HouseWildlife Habitat Certification

In 2009 the Creation Care committee worked with the Wooden Cross youth to foster a betterappreciation for all of God’s creation. In cooperation with the National Wildlife Federation and with the help of theSunday school teachers and students, Wooden Cross became a Certified Wildlife Habitat.  We have now joined the thousands of homes, schools and churches who have been reconized for creating havens for wildlife in their own neighborhoods by providing the essential elements for healthy and sustainable wildlife habitats. 


These elements include:

Food Source-Native plants, seeds, fruits, nuts, berries, nectar

Water Source-Birdbath, pond, stream

Places for Cover-  Thicket, rockpile, birdhouse

Places to Raise Young-Dense shrubs, vegetation, nesting box, pond

Sustainable Gardening- Mulch, compost, rain garden, chemical-free fertilizer

To find out what Wooden Cross has done to become here:















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Thanks to everyone who volunteers to help clean up our two-mile stretch of Woodinville/Duvall Road three times each year.  God loves all his earthly stewards…especially his hard working garbage collectors!

Recycle Bottle Cap Program PDF Print


Bring in your bottle caps!  Wooden Cross is participating in the

“Recycle Bottle Caps with Aveda” Program.

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Junk_Mail To stop having phone books delivered to your home call:1-866-606-9339 and 1-800-888-8448and ask to "opt-out".  These phone numbers connect you with DEX and SuperMedia, the suppliers of phone books for this area.  If you want to find the opt out phone numbers for other areas of the country, you can go to and just type in the zip code for that area.You can also sign up to stop junk mail at

Green Features at Wooden Cross PDF Print



The newly remodeled Education Wing at Wooden Cross has efficiency improvements in the energy, water and lighting systems.


The energy efficiency improvement for natural gas included the upgrade of the heating system from 80% to 90% efficiency.  The water efficiency improvements included the use of the most water efficient tank toilets available (pressure-assisted, 1.0 gallons/flush), the most water efficient flushing urinal available (1 pint/flush), and low-flow bathroom sink aerators.


The major improvement for electric energy includes a state-of-the-art lighting system in the classrooms and hallways. This new lighting system was recently developed in California with public research funding.  The lighting system consumes about 30% less energy than required by the Washington State Energy Code.  This is the first building in Washington State that has installed this lighting system. Other electric efficiency improvements include LED exit signs, occupancy sensors in the bathrooms and compact fluorescents in the wall mounted exterior lights on the classroom addition.


The outside lighting improvements include new, energy efficient parking lot lights, landscape lights, sign lighting, and security lighting above the front entrance. Puget Sound Energy covered about 60% of the cost through their conservation program. The light power was reduced from 2900 watts to 900 watts, a reduction of about 70%.  The outside lighting is now brighter, and we are using only 30% of the energy of the previous lights.