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Please comment on the following:

1. What does having Wooden Cross as your neighbor mean to you?


2. Is there any charitable or other service work that you do, individually or as neighborhood groups, that Wooden Cross (the Church or the facility) might help facilitate or participate in?    Examples include scouts, hobby clubs, and book groups.


3. Are there other areas of your life where Wooden Cross Lutheran Church might be of help to you, personally?


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Comments (3)
3Monday, 22 December 2014 13:21
John Sanford
We live behind the green space of your church and appreciate the church as good neighbors. We attend another church regularly, so have no needs to which we would look to your church.

But again you are great neighbors - quiet with a lovely, undisturbed green space and a good community outreach. Although we have not availed our selves of it, it is needed.

Thanks and have a good Christmas
2Friday, 21 November 2014 09:08
Nikki Haas
1. I like that your church often has community events, like your earth day one and sometimes you have things listed about pie night or something. I think I'd like to start coming to them. I am not much in the way of a religious person, but i like the community.
2. I would like to start growing food that can be donated to local food banks or our neighbors in need in Cottage lake. I know that your property is heavily forested, but I bet that we could get church members to donate space in their yards to grow food. Please email if you'd be interested in helping me facilitate that
3. I have a small business that is (as you might have guessed) maintaining food gardens in people's yards. I love the area so much that I'd rather build a client base in Cottage lake than expand out to the Seattle area (where there is huge interest). I'd like to start meeting with people in my community to see what they'd want in a food gardener
1Tuesday, 03 June 2014 10:29
Wayne C.
Having your church in the neighborhood provides a sense of peace. My children also like the wooded area with paths and safety. My son participates in Boy Scouts which you already support. I thank you for supporting Boy Scouts. We don't attend church regularly, but do come to Easter and Christmas services.