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We have several on staff that hold together the infrastructure of the church.  They are much appreciated and loved by all.

Who is Pastor Eric Griffith PDF Print

Eric Griffith 2012 001In his own words...


Pastor, friend, lighthearted, lover of things chocolate, craft beer but not together (ever!), husband, father, fan of U2, electronica mashups, and Caedmon’s Call, loves music and even makes some every now and then…
not always well… has a good time with it anyway and thinks that might be the whole point, lover of Jesus and convinced that God is fond of him and everyone else too, white water rafter, contemplative, camper, thinks
questions are often more useful than answers though not always, loves God’s church…but not always the ways that we behave as the church, listens for God and encourages others to do the same, thinks mochas and the conversations that frequently come up as they are being consumed are awesome, wonders at life in both its dimensions of blessing and in the depths of its pains… thinks God is truly with us in both - though not always as we would expect or even perceive, clings fiercely to God’s grace for it is life itself, excited by the prospect of this next chapter of life together with you the people of Wooden Cross to be part of what God is cooking up!

Pastor Eric Griffith's Life Story PDF Print


I find it strange to write of myself as it’s never a simple thing to know what others might find important or even interesting. I was born and raised in California in a town just outside of Sacramento called Rio Linda. My senior year of high school, I met Jana at the Christian bookstore at which we worked (I happened to do a double take during her interview and the boss forbid me from asking her out… yeah, that worked). Halfway through college we were married (July 24, 1993) and managed to survive finishing up our respective programs. I received my BA in Religious Studies with a minor in History. Jana has her degree in Early Childhood Education. College kind of blurred in the mix of classes, marital life, one to two jobs each to make ends meet, plus sharing together in working in a youth ministry all at the same time. (Saying it was probably an act of God that we retained a measure of sanity and relationship across that span is an understatement!) After undergrad, we took the plunge into seminary at Luther in St. Paul, MN, at which location we both came to realize that “no” we did not REALLY understand “cold” before. Though I could have done my studies at PLTS or Berkley, I felt a strong calling to attend Luther so that I could be part of their Ministry at the University of Toledo in Ohio.


In 2002 our family expanded with Abby coming to be part of our lives through adoption. When she was three, Abby was diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome and has been God’s way of helping us know the world in many different ways than we would have ever imagined. She will be 10 on October 17th and is currently in 4th grade. Abby is following in her dad’s footsteps as she delves deeper and deeper into the realm we like to call being a “game nerd” much to her mother’s chagrin. Abby loves to draw and in fact had one of her pictures recently published in the “fan” submission section of her favorite comic book, Sonic the Hedgehog. (Just ask me…I’ll show you! It’s so cool.)


Jana has spent most of her working life as a preschool teacher. Additionally she has also served in a couple of different preschool ministry programs as both a teacher and program director. For about a year and a half, while living in Lodi, she also was trained and had a practice in therapeutic massage therapy. I was a HUGE fan of all her time while in school and training as she needed a practice dummy. I “took one for the team” and volunteered and was it ever awesome!


As a family we are excited by being invited to join with you in ministry at Wooden Cross. It will be wonderful to be closer to grandparents and our extended families (Eric’s largely in the Sacramento area, Jana’s largely in the Coeur d’Alene area). It will be awesome for Abby to have a church “home” once again as campus ministry isn’t terribly conducive to growing that sort of relationship. We are all looking forward to growing some roots among you all and then seeing how God will be at work among us all.


God’s peace be with you as we seek together how God is shaping us for the days ahead. May the Spirit grant you insight and wisdom to follow in whatever footsteps mark your journey in following Christ.


In Christ, Eric

Kathy Corneloup - Office Manager/Bookeeper PDF Print

Kathy began working at Wooden Cross in 1995.  She provides administrative and bookkeeping support to the Wooden Cross council and committees for ministries, activities and events.  She has previously worked in an administrative capacity for Pacific Search Press, Seattle University and the Bellevue Philharmonic Orchestra.  Kathy has been a constant through the changes in church leadership, and she is part of a great church staff. Her hobbies include biking, quilting, classic movies and traveling.  Kathy and her husband have three grown children--Nicolas, Pascale and Philippe.

Dennis Kruse - Senior Choir Director PDF Print

2015 KRUSE Dennis

Dennis A. Kruse is a long time established musician who is active in the Seattle area as a private voice teacher, conductor, singer, and clinician.  Dennis teaches voice performance at studios in Woodinville, Issaquah, and Bellevue College.  He has conducted Methodist, Catholic, Presbyterian, and Lutheran church choirs.

He has been a member as a singer/soloist with the Bellevue Chamber Chorus, the Northwest Chamber Chorus in Seattle, and presently sings and acts as voice coach with the Cascadian Chorale in Bellevue.  Dennis is an adjudicator for the National Association of Teachers of Singing, where he has also served on the Board of Directors.

Dennis holds degrees in voice performance and vocal pedagogy from Foothill College in Los Altos Hills, California, the University of Montana in Missoula, Montana, and Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois. Dennis and his wife, Brenda, live in Duvall.  They came to Wooden Cross Lutheran Church in 2004 when he accepted the position of Senior Choir Director and Brenda joined the choir as a singer/soloist.  The couple have two grown children who are also accomplished musicians.



Seung Lee - Organist and Pianist PDF Print

2015 LEE SeungSeung was an accompanist and choir member in Korea and San Jose. California. After her marriage she served as an accompanist for 18 years at United Presbyterian Church in Edmonds, where her family attended. She and her husband were long-time choir members of the Korean Mission Choir. Seung studied organ performance at the University of Washington, where she earned both Bachelors and Masters Degrees in Music. Since 2006 she has served as the accompanist at Wooden Cross Lutheran Church.  She and her husband, Tom, have two sons, Jason and Justin.

Louisa Wilson PDF Print

Louisa Wilson 2015 landscape

Louisa Wilson was hired as the Nursery Attendant at Wooden Cross in October, 2012.  Louisa also works for the Northshore School District.  She and her husband Tom have two grown children.