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In response to the rapid growth of Woodinville in the 1970’s, the Lutheran church established a mission church in Woodinville.  It purchased the land where the church currently sits and asked Pastor Eldon Lyso to lead the effort in establishing a Woodinville congregation.   In September 1977 Pastor Lyso began leading  a group of families, thus starting Wooden Cross Lutheran Church.  These families went door-to-door to tell the neighborhood about the new church.  They met on Sundays at Cottage Lake Elementary School, and all other meetings and weekday services were held at Pastor Lyso’s home.


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As the Wooden Cross family grew it was able to construct a building which included a gathering center, offices, nursery, classrooms, and kitchenette.  This building was dedicated in January 1980 and serves as the core of our current building. Pastor Lyso served the church until April 1980.


Pastor John Finstuen was installed on March 1, 1981.  During Pastor Finstuen’s tenure several outreach programs began, including support of the multi-service center, an annual garage sale, and Foss Home, a non-profit nursing home in north Seattle.  These programs continue to be supported by Wooden Cross.  In 1988 Wooden Cross became a member of the newly created Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA). 


Pastor Louis Accola was installed in October 1992 and ministered to the Wooden Cross family through 2004.  Pastor Lou led the congregation through a building renovation and expansion project. He oversaw the start of an annual auction, Adopt-a-Road clean up project, annual youth Habitat for Humanity project in Yakima, youth band, children’s choir, and hand bell choir.   Most of these programs are on-going.  During his tenure Wooden Cross led the effort in permitting, funding, and constructing Spirit Lodge at Lutherwood, and members volunteered their labor to do the landscaping and plantings there.


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In October 2007 Pastor Woody Carlson joined the Wooden Cross family.  During this time a Green Team Committee was established, the church website was developed, and the congregation became involved with local Habitat for Humanity projects on the Eastside of Seattle.  Pastor Woody led the congregation through another building project, and the Jeff Brady Education Center was dedicated in September 2009.