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 At Wooden Cross we seek to follow Jesus. This is a journey... we Connect with God and one another... we Grow in faith and friendship... we Go into the world to invite others into this life with God and to serve with the love of Christ.


Connect... Grow... Go... it really is just that.



 You are welcome here.... we mean it. We know that many have been scarred and scared by "church folk." With God's help we will never be those "folks" in your life. We are flawed and scarred ourselves, but with God's help we are building a people who follow Jesus wherever He leads us. Together we learn to love and bless... we never get it perfect, but God does and so we keep trying. You are welcome here! 


Our Mission,"Follow Jesus, whever he leads":

  • Connect with God and one another
  • Grow in faith and friendship 
  • Go invite and serve so that others may know God's love