Wooden Cross Committees PDF Print

Wooden Cross has several committees that serve and minister locally and globally in a variety of ways.  If you are interested in sharing your time and talents on a particular committee(s), please contact the church office.


  • WORSHIP & MUSIC  - Provides for an active and meaningful worship life for every member of the congregation, giving special attention to the liturgical year.


  • LIFELONG LEARNING  - Offers learning opportunities for members of all ages to nurture their faith in Christ and to prepare and motivate members to live their life and to share, witness and serve in Jesus’ Name.  Supervises the Sunday School and Vacation Bible School.


  • EVANGELISM  - Plans and leads as a high priority the evangelical outreach of the congregation and provides ways to nurture and to motivate inactive members to return to the worship and fellowship life of their congregational family.


  • SOCIAL MINISTRY  - Plans and leads the social outreach of the congregation with needs assessment, education, service and direct or indirect action programs.


  • CREATION CARE  - Plans and leads the environmental communication, outreach and greening projects of the congregation with needs assessment, education, service and direct or indirect action programs.


  • YOUTH & YOUNG ADULTS  - Provides for meaningful fellowship, enrichment, and service activities for congregational and community youth and young adults.


  • FELLOWSHIP  - Plans and provides a variety of fellowship activities for adults and families to foster a climate of hospitality, friendship and celebration.


  • STEWARDSHIP  - Leads the congregation to be biblical stewards through proportionate giving of time, abilities, and money as they have been given.


  • HERITAGE  - Provides for the preservation of items having relevance to the history of the ELCA and the congregation.  Plans heritage ministry projects and celebrations.  Is responsible for publishing periodically the church pictorial directory.


  • ENDOWMENT  - Enhances the work of the church and supports existing ministries in addition to, and apart from, the general operation of the congregation.  It gives emphasis to educational support of our youth, scholarships for post-secondary schooling and training for young adults, life enrichment for all ages, and missional outreach of the congregation.


  • PROPERTY  - Plans, organizes and provides labor to maintain the church facilities both inside and out.  It works with other groups, such as Garden Angels, to assure that cleaning supplies and landscape maintenance are in keeping with the principles of  being a Greening Congregation.  Assures that health and safety requirements for the facility meet codes and standards.  From roof to parking lot lighting to septic system, this group holds the primary responsible for the church property.