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Lush native evergreens plantings thrive, encircling us as we drive in, drifting down the steep slope to the road below, and await us at the entrance. Lovely flower pots, alive with color, adorn each side of the double doors. A chorus of happy Pacific tree frogs welcomes all with a song.


Native trees and shrubs, lawn and flowers all enjoy the care of our Wooden Cross Garden Angels.  Theirs is the ministry that beautifies our church home.  They maintain our property, design plantings that enhance our love of nature, giving us the presence of earthly beauty in our worship space.  Their work assures that everyone who comes to Wooden Cross can experience God’s glory in a single pink rhododendron blossom, the autumn orange of a Vine Maple leaf or the magnificence of a towering Cedar. If you would like to join the Garden Angels, please call the church for more information.

hedgerow crewGarden Sandra and MM