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Welcome to Wooden Cross PDF Print

 At Wooden Cross we seek to follow Jesus. This is a journey... we Connect with God and one another... we Grow in faith and friendship... we Go into the world to invite others into this life with God and to serve with the love of Christ.


Connect... Grow... Go... it really is just that.



 You are welcome here.... we mean it. We know that many have been scarred and scared by "church folk." With God's help we will never be those "folks" in your life. We are flawed and scarred ourselves, but with God's help we are building a people who follow Jesus wherever He leads us. Together we learn to love and bless... we never get it perfect, but God does and so we keep trying. You are welcome here! 


Our Mission,"Follow Jesus, whever he leads":

  • Connect with God and one another
  • Grow in faith and friendship 
  • Go invite and serve so that others may know God's love
Sunday Schedule PDF Print

Sanctuary 1



9:00 - 9:30 AM:  Prayer and ScriptureTalk 

        10:00 AM:  Worship Service and Children's Church

                         followed by a "Meet and Greet"

                           (in "Christianese" a.k.a. "Fellowship Time")


Prayer and ScriptureTalk


This is a time for practicing two of the habits that build stronger faith. 1) Listening to God through scripture. 2) Speaking with God in prayer. Whether you have a lifetime of walking with God or are just beginning in your life with God, this time is to help you practice discovering the kind of life God provides as we grow more intimate with him. This is a time to "Grow" as God calls you deeper into faith. 



Worship at Wooden Cross is an invitation to draw nearer to the heart of God. Worship is one of the first places we are all invited to "Connect" with God and one another. In worship we are formed through God's word to us in scripture and invited to share together in bringing our praises, prayers, and brokenness into God's presence. God meets us there and we emerge as a changed people. In worship we learn to follow Jesus...


What will you expereince?


We will sing together. We will pray together. We will listen for God's word and reflect upon it through a scripture based sermon. We will share in a simple meal of Communion together where the invitation is open to anyone who feels called by God to share in this meal to come and receive this incredible gift from God. Children will participate in worship together with the whole congregation for a portion of the service and then head into a time of Children's Church where they are invited into God's word in a more age specific way. Children will then rejoin us for Communion where they are encouraged to receive this incredible gift from God.


Will worship services always feel the same?


Worship services from week to week can be quite different as we mix freely traditional hymns, contemporary songs, musical offerings by a Choir, music offered and led by a praise band, and whatever seems right and useful to draw nearer to God and connect with God's heart.


But my kiddo's are very young...


Children are always welcome in the whole worship service. Worship time is a "family room"... and family rooms are loud with the joyous sounds of life. For parents that could use an extra hand (or maybe even a break) morning childcare is also available in the nursery for younger children. From September through May we do offer Children's Church during a portion of the worship service so children have an opportunity to hear and interact with scripture in a way more geared for them. 


After service some head out while others stick around. Our encouragement... "Stick around... Get to know each other." One of the great stregths of being church together is that we are called to help carry one another's burdens and share in life together. Turns out we do this better as we get to know one another. So grab a cup of coffee and a snack (which being a Lutheran church we nearly almost always have these around) and build a friendship or two. 






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