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See what's coming up at Wooden Cross in 2017!  Click here.

Wooden Cross Constitution PDF Print

To Our Wooden Cross Members,


Our Wooden Cross Lutheran Church Constitution needs to be updated because of changes in the model constitution provided by the ELCA.  The ELCA meets periodically, in assembly, and usually updates the model constitution (for a variety of reasons).  The assemblies of both 2013 and 2016 made changes that we need to incorporate.


We did not make changes after the 2013 assembly but those changes are included in this proposed change – they are highlighted in yellow.  Changes proposed by the 2016 assembly are also included and highlighted in blue.


Please review the proposed changes on the Wooden Cross Constitution, understanding that almost all of these changes are not anything we can alter as they are part of the ELCA model constitution that is mandated as a member congregation.  Anything with an asterisk falls into that category.  There are a few paragraphs that are not mandated but they are generic and shouldn't, in any way, impact the way we have been, or will be, doing business. 

There will be a resolution presented at the 2017 Annual Meeting on January 22, 2017 to accept these changes.  Discussion will take place during the meeting and any questions can be answered at that time.


Peter Marschalk
Constitution and By-Laws Rewrite Committee

Christmas Eve Worship PDF Print

2015 Christmas Sanctuary


Come and celebrate with us!


Candlelight Christmas Eve Services:

 12:00 PM   Traditional Worship Service
  4:30  PM   Contemporary Worship Service 
  9:00  PM   Traditional Worship Service


Christmas Morning Worship Service:

   9:30 AM  "Come as you are" Worship & Carols


Community Survey PDF Print

To Our Neighbors,

Wooden Cross Lutheran Church is one of your neighbors. You might remember us as the church that hosted the Trunk-or-Treat Halloween party in our parking lot last Fall. We had 100+ kids come and see our displays and costumes, and get warm food and candy. We have been in your neighborhood for many years, and we’re asking you to tell us what you think about us.


As a Christian church, we feel a moral obligation to help all our neighbors at all levels; whether speaking of the local community, the state, the nation or even globally.


However, even as our impact reaches out globally, we don’t want to lose sight of the folks closest to us, our immediate neighbors. We would like to make sure we are doing what we should to help locally, too. Please respond to us by answering three questions:


1. What does having Wooden Cross as your neighbor mean to you?


2. Is there any charitable or other service work that you do, individually or as neighborhood groups, that Wooden Cross (the Church or the facility) might help facilitate or participate in?

Examples include scouts, hobby clubs, and book groups.


3. Are there other areas of your life where Wooden Cross Lutheran Church might be of help to you, personally?

We look forward to hearing from you so we can better know how we are perceived, and who we should be, in the community.


Please click the button to leave your comments.  Though it is NOT required, if you would like to leave your name or Email, please include in your comments.


2016 Calendar PDF Print

2016 CALENDAR  Click to see all the worship, ministry and mission events and activities that are happening at Wooden Cross. 

Worship and Learning PDF Print

grow 8500cThe Wooden Cross Sunday Worship Service is at 9:30 AM.  

Following the service, folks are invited for fellowship and faith formation. 


Adults are welcome to grab a cup of coffee or tea and join Pastor Eric as he plants seeds for conversation.  Themes this year will include experiencing varieties of prayer, examining Christmas in a materialistic world, exploring what discipleship looks like, and re-discovering Jesus. While our time together on Sunday mornings will be short, we expect that this time of sharing will be rich. Our hope is that you will feel emboldened in your faith journey, and find companions for that journey.


7th-12th Grade Youth will continue to meet during this time for their own period of reflection and conversation, centered around the Sunday scripture.


Elementary-aged children will have an opportunity to focus on building friendships and community in either an activity space or the art room. We will be looking for three adults each week to serve as companions to our children, watching over their activities and engaging them in conversation. While games and projects will be available, the woods and playground may beckon, and we hope that adults and children will learn from each other. Like the adults, the time between services will, for the children, be a time to build relationships and experience a larger and loving community, one that honors explorations in the realm of faith, and inspires wonder at God’s good world. Our goal is that as children experience the love of God through those around them, they will develop a deep sense of belonging and love in the world, and in our community.


We invite children more intentionally into worship with a goal for them to experience the rhythms and rituals, songs and words of our faith. Pastor will continue with the children’s sermon.  But following this, all elementary aged children will be invited into a classroom by an adult to hear another faith story during the sermon time.


There are many ways to teach, and many ways to learn. Our goal is to raise up disciples, people mature and alive in their faith, in love with Jesus, and with each other. We want to create an environment where exercising the edges of our faith, the places of our doubts or struggles, is something safe to do within the church. Learning to share what has meaning in our lives, and practicing the words to express this in a loving environment creates new possibility. Welcome to worship!

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